Nyza W.

Nyza W.

Nyza heard about Girls Group through her school counselor and immediately took an active role in programs. At first, Nyza was a bit slower to open up, but as she attended more programs and got to know Girls Group staff, she began to come out of her shell. Some fun facts Girls Group staff learned about Nyza is that she loves a good horror flick, has a knack for learning new languages (currently mastering three!), and dreams of traveling the world.

Before finding her place in Girls Group, Nyza went through a tough time at home and school. Her freshman and sophomore year of high school were particularly challenging, as she struggled with anxiety, staying on top of classes, and making connections. She also dealt with grief during this time after a close family member passed.

Nyza shared that these experiences made her duties feel overwhelming, causing her to retreat from her social life.

Everything changed once she switched to online school her 11th grade year. Because she could go at her own pace, she felt more in-control of her education. Now, as a senior, graduation is just around the corner and she is buzzing with excitement. The dedication she’s poured into her work fills her with pride and she is eager for the adventures that post-high school life will bring. Nyza dreams of becoming a web designer and climbing the ladder in the tech world. She has already applied to several colleges including Eastern Michigan University and University Of Michigan.

Being a part of Girls Group has helped Nyza connect back with people. Even though being online was the switch she needed, it could feel isolating at times. Girls Group has given Nyza a space to be herself and enjoy the company of her peers.

She describes Girls Group as a fun place where she can socialize with others in a healthy environment. Girls Group has given her the confidence to start conversations with new people, go to different places, and be open to experiencing new things.