Girls Group provides mentoring services for individuals who identify as women (i.e., cisgender, transgender, gender diverse) and non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces centering the experiences of women. We create safe spaces for participants who face daily direct and indirect obstacles to reaching their full potential. Girls Group participants typically hold social identities that have been historically marginalized (e.g., Women/Nonbinary/Gender Diverse youth, Black and Brown youth, Economically disadvantaged youth, First-Generation students). There are many reasons participants decide to join Girls Group, which is why we create inclusive strengths-based programming centered around youth voices. 

Girls Group services start as early as 6th grade spanning middle school, high school, and college & career journeys. Girls Group is with participants through it all. Our group programs focus on academic readiness, social emotional readiness, financial readiness, and community service. Sessions include team building activities, youth led discussions, hands on learning experiences, summer and weekend enrichments, and leadership opportunities. Unlike other organizations Girls Group provides services year round and stays with participants through their academic transitions (i.e., middle to high school, high school to college). All mentoring services are 100% free and confidential. We work to eliminate barriers to accessing Girls Group services by providing multiple ways to engage with mentors (e.g., groups, individuals, in-school, out-of-school, summer, weekend, virtual or hybrid), providing transportation, and offering meals at sessions. 

Our services center around building a positive support network with peers and establishing long-term mentoring relationships. Mentoring is a reciprocal relationship between a staff or intern (mentor) who engages with participants (mentees) for the purpose of supporting holistic growth and building a healthy and developmental relationship. There is no right or wrong way to be a member of Girls Group, and participants join for many different reasons. At Girls Group, the majority of the work that we do with participants involves working with groups. As a result, it is important that new members are group ready. Group ready is defined as a participant who is capable of building positive youth relationships and able to positively interact with a group of 20-25 peers.

If you or a young person you know is interested in joining, the student’s primary parent/guardian must complete the Girls Group Application. If you have questions please email our Program Director, Jennifer Brents ([email protected]). If you are enrolled at a school where we have weekly programs, you can also talk to your school counselor about becoming a member of Girls Group.

STEM activity
Group of participants at college tour
Group of participants learning about voting
Group of in-school participants in dialogue