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Girls Group empowers young women to achieve emotional and economic self-sufficiency by ensuring they graduate from high school and begin their college or career journeys.

Girls Group

With a strong and passionate leadership team and staff, Girls Group addresses long-term systemic, racial, economic, and academic inequities, with enviable results.

The Essence of Girls Group

Middle School, High School, College & Careers

Programming spans middle school, high school, and continues through college and careers.

Staff & Interns

Participants are mentored by experienced staff and interns.

School-Year Program, Summer Program, Year-Round Enrichment, College & Career Prep, College & Career Services

Year-round comprehensive programming focuses on academic readiness, social/emotional life skills, financial education, and community service.

Girls Group Annual Fundraiser - 20 Years and Reaching Higher - Join Us In-Person Saturday November 11, 2023 10AM - 12 PM ET

Girls Group exists because we want every young woman to be empowered to write her greatest story. Being empowered to write your greatest story means overcoming the barriers put before you by peers, family, schools, community, and society.

It means owning your power, finding your voice, and recognizing that not only can you dream bigger than you‘ve ever imagined, but you have what it takes to reach those dreams.

Their Stories

Jua'Chelle H.

Jua’Chelle H.

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Remya B.

Remya B.

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Zariyah R.

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Thylicia B.

Thylicia B.

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