Janee and Renee

Janee & Renee

This month, Girls Group is celebrating the college graduation of two sisters, Janee and Renee. The sisters started Girls Group before the COVID 19 pandemic started, and have been active members ever since. They had first learned of Girls Group from their older sister, who explained how the group helped her find friends. As hoped, the sisters created lasting friendships of their own in Girls Group.

Both Janee and Renee attended Eastern Michigan University and studied Neuroscience with the intention of becoming a doctor. Both young women credit Girls Group for helping them understand how to locate resources on their campuses and how to ask for support when they weren’t understanding a class. 

Now that they have graduated, Janee and Renee have new goals that they intend to accomplish: they both plan to acquire jobs in the medical field by applying to medical school by the end of the year, and spend their new found free time on self care. Girls Group staff are excited to cheer them on as they accomplish their goals!