Jua'Chelle H.

Jua’Chelle H.

Jua’Chelle started her time with Girls Group in the 10th Grade at Washtenaw International High School. After attending an informational session about Girls Group’s programs, she was excited to receive support to help her achieve her future college goals. Since then, Jua’Chelle has been an active participant in many of Girls Group’s programs including Wrap Around, leadership and social justice programming, and College and Career Prep. When she graduated from High School, Jua’Chelle remained an active participant in Girls Group’s College and Career Service program as she attended Eastern Michigan University.

When she started college in the fall of 2020, Jua’Chelle had to acclimate to many changes in the world. Through it all, she persevered and is now graduating this month with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Jua’Chelle has found Girls Group to be a significant influence in her life, providing guidance, mentorship, and multiple college scholarships to support her academic goals. Thanks to the support, she was able to fully pursue her degree and is set to graduate a semester early. Come fall, Jua’Chelle plans to attend graduate school for psychology or social work. She hopes to become a therapist and support youth with their mental health through her pursuit of further education.