Nyla holding a book

Nyla H.

Nyla is a 6th grader who recently started her journey with Girls Group in October of 2023. Right away, Girls Group staff noticed that Nyla has an ambitious mindset to achieve her goals and is an emerging young leader. 

Nyla has found support and guidance within her Girls Group community as she navigates the complexities of adolescence and charts her own path to success. From financial literacy workshops to signing up as a representative for Girls Group’s Youth Leadership Council, Nyla has gained valuable experiences that will leave a lasting impact.

One pivotal moment came when Nyla participated in a budgeting activity that aimed to teach the importance of strategic spending and saving. Nyla built a team with fellow participants and was tasked with a budgeting challenge. Nyla is naturally creative and innovative, which helped her and her fellow teammates complete the game with  left over funds to spare.

As Nyla continues to navigate her first year of middle school, her future shines with promise and possibility. With Girls Group by her side, Nyla stands ready to conquer new challenges and leave an indelible mark on the world.