Aria R.

Aria R.

Aria R. joined Girls Group at the start of her freshman year after hearing another participant talk about how fun the program sessions are. After only six months in Girls Group, Aria became an active and engaged member of the 9th-10th grade Youth Leadership Council. Aria is part of a very artistic family and has found that creativity and self-expression are key parts of her identity. She is passionate about dance and photography and hopes to major in business some day.

When Aria first joined Girls Group, she was hesitant to speak during group discussions. She expressed to staff that she struggles with anxiety when talking to new people or speaking in group settings. This made making friends and building relationships difficult for her. After being a part of Girls Group, she has made many new friends and built strong relationships with participants and staff. 

She says that participating in fun games, small group discussions, and group activities within a safe and supportive environment has helped her open up and feel less anxiety when meeting new people and speaking in front of larger groups. 

As a part of our Youth Leadership Council, Aria has had the opportunity to learn important leadership skills. She has then been able to practice these new skills in Girls Group sessions each week, facilitating different games and discussions with the group. Aria shared that this experience has helped her realize she is capable of being a good leader and encouraged her to take on more leadership roles in her future. 

Girls Group staff have noticed significant growth in Aria’s leadership in the last few months as she brings positive energy to the group and encourages all students to be involved in discussions, making sure everyone’s voice is heard. 

After high school, Aria hopes to attend either Michigan State University or Alabama State University because of their great interior design and business programs. She plans to study business, interior design, and photography with the goal of starting her own interior design and event planning company. Aria shared that starting her own business will require strong leadership, communication, and relationship building skills. These are all skills she feels more competent in due to her time with Girls Group and believes they will only grow stronger as she continues her time in our Youth Leadership Council and with Girls Group as a whole.