Saran K

Saran K.

  • High School: Huron High School (10th Grade)

During individual Girls Group sessions at Huron, Saran set goals for herself that included becoming more confident and working toward launching an art business. She achieved both over this past year. Saran spent a lot of her time during this pandemic drawing on her iPad and testing out her creativity. She was not sure at first if she would be able to start an entire business and looked at it as a very long-term goal but knew it was something she wanted to do. With the help of her sister getting a Cricut Maker, she was able to get crafty! Quickly, the business plan was put into action.

Saran decided she wanted to focus on creating artwork and turning it into stickers using the Cricut Maker that she will now sell on her very own Etsy shop starting this summer. Saran chose CocoaSheaNel as her business name, created social media pages for advertising, and even made business cards that can be distributed. She made her own workstation at home where she spends time designing and putting her art into sticker form to share.

Throughout this process, something that seemed far away, came together month by month with intentional planning and goal setting. Saran has truly blossomed this year and is creating art that is representative of her and many of her peers. Saran recognizes the important relationship between seeing representation and building self confidence and takes pride in starting a Black owned business.