Jaida S

Jaida S.

High School: 12th Grade

In the beginning of this year, I wasn’t too excited to be doing school online, and I feel like I always knew that there wasn’t going to be a chance for hybrid learning at my school. But even though I was stuck inside all day, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to have a great senior year. I learned a lot of new things this year like: different ways to make studying easier for online classes, self care tips, learning or doing things I’ve never done before, learning how to love myself, and many more things.

Girls Group really helped me overcome a lot of things this year, and one of the most important ones was how to apply to college. I don’t think I would have been able to get through college applications without the help of everyone in Girls Group College and Career Prep. And shout out to Ivy for our weekly check-ins; they always made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this journey. I’ve definitely become a more responsible and knowledgeable person over this past year and even though COVID-19 took a lot from me this year, I gained a lot more.