Moriah B.

  • High School: Pioneer High School
  • College: Harry S Truman College
  • Graduation Date: August 2022

Girls Group has influenced my plans by showing me it is possible for a girl like me to be successful in school. While in high school Girls Group staff always checked on me weekly, had long talks with me, and encouraged me to apply to different colleges and scholarships even though I felt my grades weren’t good enough. They motivated me to take school more seriously and gave me something to look forward to when the week had been really hard. At Girls Group I felt normal and valued and from there I believed that I would feel normal in a college atmosphere. The fact that Girls Group staff never gave up on me and even to this day still checks in on me is a big reason I’m so determined to finish my college program.
– Moriah B.

Moriah’s journey at Girls Group began in her 8th grade year at Clague Middle School in 2017. She heard about the program through her friends and counselor. At the time, she thought it would be a cool way to spend time with friends and get free food. Eventually, like so many others, Moriah quickly learned that being a part of Girls Group can provide her with so much more.

Through numerous group discussions and programs at Girls Group, she opened-up, began speaking up and advocating for herself. She said that Girls Group helped influence her plans to attend college by showing her that it is possible to be successful while in school. As a result, she feels like she has gained a new sense of self-confidence, creativity, a more positive attitude and optimistic worldview.

Moriah is now focused and actively working towards her goals of entrepreneurship and she is especially excited for her future. She currently works at her mother’s beauty supply store and manages all of the store’s social media pages. After graduating from her cosmetology program at Harry S Truman College this fall, she plans to transfer to a 4-year university to study Accounting.