Kharis on far left

Kharis R.

High School: Skyline High School (11th Grade)

Kharis is an 11th grader at Skyline High School. She is an active member in Girls Group’s Youth Leadership Council, where she helps create program content and facilitates “Chill N Spill,” a weekly program activity that allows participants to actively seek guidance and advice from their peers and Girls Group Staff. It is a favorite activity for many participants, as it provides a much-needed space to practice vulnerability and receive support. “I’m not the only one who has hard times opening up,” Kharis explained in an interview. 

Kharis says she is happy Girls Group has helped her learn how to take charge when needed and she is getting better at opening up with her feelings. In the next five years, she plans to be in college with trustworthy friends and better life experiences. Girls Group staff look forward to walking with her on her journey and continuing to see her grow. 

Photo: Kharis (far left) poses for a photo with her friends