Jalynne S.

  • High School: Ypsilanti High School
  • College: Savannah College of Art and Design

Jalynne S. is a Girls Group Alumni who is working towards a degree in Art and Design while working part-time as a free-lance illustrator and designer. Jalynne’s dream is to help others create their own personal brand and find their niche in the business/creative industry.

This past month, Jalynne gave back to her Girls Group community by hosting a workshop for younger participants in the program. The 2-day workshop covered the basis of creating a personal brand, finding your niche in the creative industry, finding your target audience, setting up a website and social media page and a Q & A.

“The workshop went great,” Jalynne explained. “[Attendees] definitely learned some new things that will be helpful with their brand.” Jalynne even left the attendees with some homework to keep them growing after the program wrapped up. One attendee explained that “[the workshop] was really nice… I loved all the information from it! Definitely things I need for my brand and lifestyle that I am brewing!” Jalynne stated that she would love to do more workshops in the future and that she is thankful for the opportunity Girls Group has given her.