Jaydan Lightfoot

Jaydan Lightfoot

  • High School: Skyline High School (Graduated June 2019) 
  • College: Washtenaw Community College
  • Undergraduate Major: Film Studies

Jaydan learned about Girls Group from a flyer that circulated around her school during her sixth grade year. She shared that she chose to join Girls Group because a majority of her friends went into the program and both her sister and cousin were a part of the organization as well. “I thought it was interesting to talk to others and be a part of a big group, and I found out that it fits my personality!”

Jaydan wasn’t able to attend a lot of Girls Group events because she was heavily involved in sports. She played basketball and softball and also served as the Marketing Manager for her high school’s social media group for two years. “Although I was busy, Girls Group always welcomed me. When I could come, I would attend group sessions at the Peace Neighborhood Center.”

As a high school student, Jaydan shared that she had a lot of insecurities as a black girl in Ann Arbor. She was also trying to get to know and love herself. She also wanted to develop her own sense of style. She credits Girls Group with providing a space for her to meet other girls who looked like her while offering activities around self love and growth as a woman. 

After graduating from Skyline High School in 2019, Jaydan was accepted to Washtenaw Community College (WCC). She also established her very own film studio called Light Studios and Productions™. She also created a podcast called Gen Z Academy where she and her friends discuss various topics such as politics, Pop Culture, and entertainment. Jaydan is also the sole caregiver of her great grandmother, a role she cherishes.

Once Jaydan completes her studies at WCC, she wants to transfer to the prestigious Columbia College of Chicago to continue her film studies. To accomplish this goal, Jaydan plans to focus on taking the courses she will need to transfer, as well as work to improve her GPA. She has learned, as a result of the pandemic, that she will need to pace herself with her classes. “I want to make sure that I am not procrastinating and to do a better job at managing my time and schedule.”

Jaydan shared that she feels that Girls Group helped her by connecting her with mentors who provided the emotional support she needs. The mentors felt like friends or big sisters and exposed her to new and positive things. Jaydan was able to learn about college through the College and Career Prep program and she enjoyed attending several college tours. This experience helped her to see college as a real possibility for her, and she knew she could pursue it with the support of the Girls Group mentors!