Rajada N

Rajada N.

  • High School: Skyline High School (12th Grade)

This year has been the most unexpected and wild year ever, and navigating through it was not easy. While in isolation, I learned so much more about who I truly am and how I could improve and better myself. I learned the importance of knowing my limits and when to take a step back from things in order to be able to come back to it and fully enjoy it. Outside of my introspection, I realized that with me graduating soon, I wanted to make the most of my high school experience. I took leadership on a project which allowed my fellow choir family a space to get to know each other better, as well as connect in a year that is less interpersonal due to online school. I created fun and game-like events which strengthened the bonds between our choir community to further a safe space of communication and connection that I know will stay even after I graduate. I also took my activism a step further as I started pushing for using my own voice on social justice issues through poetry and music. Overall, this year has helped shape me into who I want to be and what I want to leave behind.

Through this year, Girls Group has consistently been a source of solace for me. It’s a place where I know that my questions, thoughts, fears, and excitements will all be met with helpful and encouraging feedback and that’s not a resource that many people can turn to. Especially with how hard this year in particular has been for me, it’s comforting to know that this safe space never dulled and is still a place I can go to talk and vent about real things/issues.