Thylicia B.

Thylicia B.

High school sophomore, Thylicia, first joined Girls Group in 6th grade when her counselor invited her to a Girls Group session. Thylicia shared that she was a little unsure about joining at first but has never looked back since joining.  From her first Girls Group program, Thylicia realized that Girls Group is a place where she can be her most authentic self. 

“I’ve gotten more comfortable acting like myself,” she shared. “I was someone who was, and still is, a person who pretended to be someone else. But as I think about how I was when I was younger, even freshman year, I have gotten more comfortable with who I am, and know that true friends won’t run away. And I’m really thankful for that.”

Thylicia moved around a lot when she was younger and she was happy to find a community when she came to middle school. Thylicia enjoys interacting with new people, learning new things, and building relationships; she mentioned that Girls Group has taught her how important it is to create and nurture positive relationships and she has loved creating amazing friendships along the way.

Thylicia has been active in Girls Group’s in-school programs, Saturday enrichments, and summer programs. Her favorite program this summer was Adulting 101, where she was able to learn about budgeting, apartment hunting, job interviewing, and many other useful skills. She also loved Summer Book Club, where she shared, “It was so fun hearing the stories and experience of other people, but also knowing I’m not alone. It was so nice to just not be judged.”

Girls Group has witnessed Thylicia grow into a confident, strong, and independent young woman. Every day, we are proud to see her become more confident in herself and her identity, and we know her journey is just beginning!