Sofia Robinson

Sofia Robinson

  • High School: Pioneer High School (Graduated June 2017) 
  • College: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Expected Graduation May 2021)
  • Undergraduate Major: Professions in Deafness With a Concentration in Interpreting

Sofia joined Girls Group during her Freshman year of high school. A close friend of hers told her about it and suggested that she attend. From her very first meeting, Sofia was hooked. She enjoyed the conversations they were having and meeting young women who shared similar interests and beliefs. Before attending Girls Group, Sofia shared that she struggled with finding what made her passionate and focusing on ‘doing the work for a good grade instead of learning the material’. Girls Group mentors began helping her with identifying her interests that she was most passionate about. She learned she has a passion for helping others and was encouraged to pursue her interest in learning ASL-American Sign Language.

Sofia shared that she enjoyed the sessions on preparing for college and going on trips like the visit to The Chicago Institute of Art. In one of those college readiness sessions, Sofia shared that she determined that she wanted to get accepted into the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to pursue a degree in the Professions in Deafness and Interpreting. She knew that moving away from home would have an impact on her but she had made her decision. Girls Group Mentors continued to support her through the decision-making process by brainstorming ways to overcome homesickness and how to meet and make friends.

Her decision to attend the University of North Carolina paid off! She joined campus clubs such as the Deaf-Hearing College Connection Club where she has served as an officer for two years. She is also a member of her university’s Honor Society and was a Peer Academic Leader for a year. Sofia also volunteers annually at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham Easter Fundraiser.

With the onset of the coronavirus, Sofia shared that she was concerned about its impact on her college experience. She explains that although all of her courses are online, including some very hard classes like her Seminar and Practicum classes, her Program Faculty and Staff are doing a great job making the experience the best it can be. She also appreciates how Girls Group Mentors continue to support her just as they have since her Freshman year of high school.

Sofia is focusing all of her efforts on graduating from college in May of 2021. She plans to achieve this goal by remaining actively involved in her classes and networking with other students and staff. Sofia shares that she “highly recommends any girl to go through this (Girls Group program). They have been by my side since freshman year and continue to support me till this day. I am very grateful for this program.”