Monica Mitchenor

Monica Mitchenor

  • High School: Pioneer High School (Graduated June 2017) 
  • College: Grand Valley State University (Expected Graduation May 2021)
  • Undergraduate Major: Allied Health Sciences (Minor in Biology)

Monica shared that she first learned about Girls Group through a friend who had overheard the announcement made at school.  It was her freshman year of high school and she joined because the group sounded interesting and her friend was really excited to be a part of it. Monica learned quickly that Girls Group gave her a sense of belonging and a great way to get snacks after school!

Girls Group reassured Monica that attending college was possible but she was very unsure. Thanks to Girls Group, Monica attended the Historically Black College and University tour and spent two weeks living as a college student at James Madison University. These experiences were great but Monica saw the expense of college as a huge barrier. She knew that if she wanted to attend college, she would have to work hard. Monica began working towards her goal of attending college by getting a job while in high school. Girls Group mentors provided support through helping Monica apply for scholarships and developing study skills needed to be successful in college.

After graduating high school and with Girls Group help, Monica was accepted to Grand Valley State University! She is currently majoring in Allied Health Sciences with a minor in Biology. Monica shared that she dreams of becoming a Pathologist after completing her Bachelor’s degree. After earning her undergraduate degree, Monica would like to pursue a certification in Hematology or Surgical Technician prior to applying for graduate school. She credits Girls Group with encouraging her dreams and being a source of comfort especially as a student surviving a global Pandemic.

Monica has relied on the support of Girls Group as she navigates ‘our world’s new normal’ of virtual classes, wearing masks, and social distancing. It has not been easy, but she always looks forward to attending Girls Group virtual events and being in contact with her mentors. She shared that their help is what has made all the difference, allowing her to focus on her studies as she moves forward to graduating in May 2021!