Fatou T

Fatou T.

  • High School: Huron High School (Graduated June 2019)
  • College: Ferris State University (Expected Graduation May 2023)
  • Undergraduate Major: Biology/Pre-Med

Fatou learned of Girls Group her junior year of high school after a friend mentioned that Girls Group had after-school programs that included activities and snacks. Fatou has been a participant in Girls Group ever since. Her favorite part of Girls Group has been the community service opportunities. Specifically, Fatou remembered a time when participants collected and packaged hygiene products and bracelets for homeless women in the community. She also enjoys the staff and opportunities to make connections with other participants.

Currently a participant in the Women of Purpose program, Fatou is a rising junior at Ferris State University studying biology with the goal of going to medical school. On top of that, Fatou works part-time and is the vice president of the fashion alliance at her university. After a promising first semester of college in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic changed Fatou’s college experience. She stated it was a challenging year with classes, difficulties finding employment, and a lack of other students on campus. She missed the socialization aspect of college, however, Girls Group allowed her to connect with other participants and her Girls Group mentor. She’s relied on self-care strategies, like art, and individual meetings with her Girls Group mentor in order to get through the challenges the pandemic has presented. Fatou stated that as the oldest sibling she doesn’t have any peers to look up to or give college advice, but the individual mentoring at Girls Group has given that to her. Additionally, Girls Group has supported Fatou through scholarships like the laptop scholarship, the Girls Group scholarship, and the Emergency COVID Relief Fund, all of which have supported Fatou on her college journey.

The last thing Fatou wanted to note was that “students should join groups like this, it really helps and makes a difference in students’ lives,” as she also noted that Girls Group gave her a support system other than family that wants to see her succeed and grow.