Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods, LMSW

Social Work Supervisor


Michelle Woods is a Social Work Supervisor at Girls Group. Outside of Girls Group, Michelle is the Director of Career Services at the University of Michigan School of Social Work. She has over 25 years of social work experience. She currently oversees an office that provides professional development for students and alumni, recruitment services for employees, and the collection of alumni employment data for the school. She completed her BA in Political Science and MSW at the University of Michigan. For several years, she worked for the Michigan Department of Human Services in Child Welfare and Adult Services before returning to the University of Michigan School of Social Work Office of Student Services. As a part of the Office of Student Services, she assisted with the recruitment, admission, and financial aid distribution for MSW students. She is a member of the Career Development in Social Work Education Group, National Association of Social Workers, and served as past president of the Huron Valley Association of Black Social Workers. Her professional interests include career advising for students, resume and cover letter writing, and advocating for better salaries for social work graduates.