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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Girls Group Participants

Illustration of diverse participants with various careers and banner saying, "Serving 1,000 girls and young women in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti"

The first $75,000 received will be matched by the RNR Foundation

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Girls Group Mission

Girls Group empowers young women to achieve emotional and economic self-sufficiency by ensuring they graduate from high school and begin their college or career journeys.

Infographic of mission bullet items
  • Programming spans middle school, high school, and continues through college and careers.
  • Participants are mentored by experienced staff and interns.
  • Year-round comprehensive programming focuses on academic readiness, social/emotional life skills, financial education, and community service.

Girls Group Vision

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The vision of Girls Group is to help economically disadvantaged young women achieve self-sufficiency. The ultimate ambition is that each young woman finds their voice, defines their goals and dreams, and moves forward in the world with pride and self-confidence.

6 Core Programs

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School-Year Program

  • Weekly in-school and after school programs at 26 sites
  • Individual and group
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Summer Program

  • Summer camps 5 days/week
  • Middle and high school transition support
high school participant with microphone

Year-Round Enrichment

  • Family Engagement Program
  • Youth Leadership Council
  • Saturday workshops and field trips
high school participant in graduation cap and gown

College & Career Prep

  • 1:1 mentoring for application, essay, and FAFSA support
  • Career planning
  • College tours
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College & Early Career

  • Individual and group support
  • Scholarships and emergency funding
  • Career counseling
adult alumni waving hi

Alumni Services

  • Communication and reunions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Mentoring of younger participants
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“Girls Group has influenced my college plans, by motivating me to work hard and remain dedicated to my education”

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“When I come to Girls Group, I don’t feel invisible anymore”

high school participant with grad cap and gown

“Girls Group made my plans for college much more of a reality”

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“At Girls Group, I began to speak up for myself and make new connections”

Make a Difference in a Young Woman’s Life Today and Affect Generations to Come

The first $75,000 received will be matched by the RNR Foundation

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