Group of participants and mentor at storytelling workshop

Writing Their Greatest Stories

December 2023

The power of storytelling is immeasurable. In a professional setting, storytelling can help us market ourselves to land dream jobs, and lead others by motivating and fostering a shared vision. Stories can transport us to different worlds, inspire and connect us, and help us make sense of our experiences.

This month, Dr. Liz DeBetta from the Center for the Education of Women (CEW+) facilitated a storytelling workshop. After exploring the power of storytelling, participants practiced telling their own stories in creative ways by designing magazine collages and writing poems to share their stories. “That was great” one participant told Girls Group staff after sharing her collage and poem with the group. “I don’t usually showcase my feelings often or talk about them but I was happy I did.”

Girls Group exists because we want every young woman to be empowered to write her greatest story. We are so proud to see participants own their power, find their voice, dream bigger than they’ve ever imagined, and ultimately reach those dreams.