Mentor working with participants

Sorting Through Scholarships

January 2023

This month, high school seniors attended the first College and Career Prep Program of 2023 to explore local scholarships, hopes and fears about college, and the scholarship application process. Throughout the session, participants had a blast catching up with mentors about how they spent their winter break and exploring their future college journeys.

Participants learned how to find scholarships through online resources and began working on their scholarship applications. Some participants shared that searching for scholarships was easier than they thought. While exploring scholarships and online resources, one high school senior shared that she is a first generation college student and was able to find multiple scholarships she was eligible for.

Participants also discussed potential challenges that could come up in college: getting sick, needing mental health support, understanding class requirements, and learning new academic skills. For all of the potential challenges, participants worked together to find potential resources on their future college campus and shared strategies they used in high school for overcoming similar challenges. Overall, participants had a great first session of the new year!