Middle School Trust Days

Middle School Trust Days

April 2022

Every year during Spring Break, participants look forward to Girls Group’s “Trust Days” event. Planned and facilitated by Girls Group’s very own Youth Leadership Council, this 2-day workshop offers middle schoolers the opportunity to learn from older participants who have made the transition to high school.

This year, participants ranging in age from twelve to seventeen enjoyed building trust through games and activities that allowed the older participants to mentor and guide their younger peers. They shared their experiences and advice, and reminded the middle schoolers to stay focused on their goals and learn how to advocate for themselves. As participants went home with gift bags in hand, one shared with their mentor, “I learned a lot about my transition to high school and helpful strategies to use when I’m in high school.”

Thank you to all who joined this year’s Trust Days, and a HUGE thank you to Girls Group’s wonderful Youth Leadership Council members for their teamwork, leadership, and dedication to Girls Group!