A Note From the Leadership Team

Dear Girls Group Supporters,

The world held its breath last Tuesday afternoon waiting to hear a verdict in Minneapolis, and then let out a short sigh of relief. Accountability was delivered, in this instance, with the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer. We acknowledge the significance of this historic moment and equally hold space for the grief it brings.

We proudly stand with Black lives and Black youth. Understanding the history of injustice in our country that has impacted the daily lived experiences for the Black community, we must continue the work of dismantling systemic racism so that all people can live free of police brutality and oppression. We must never forget this tragedy and continue to say his name, George Floyd. We must honor his legacy of peace and progress. As his young daughter, Gianna, observed at his funeral, “daddy changed the world.”

This extraordinary moment in time was made possible because of the fortitude of an incredible young Black woman, Darnella Frazier. On May 25, 2020 she had the courage to witness and document the injustice taking place. We honor her voice. Inspiring young women like her is why Girls Group exists. We find purpose by empowering young women to reach their fullest potential so that they too can change the world.

With much gratitude,
Girl Group Leadership