Participants creating dog toys

Giving Back to the Community

May 2023

Girls Group participants worked together during programs to identify and commit to community service projects addressing an issue in their communities. Participants passionately identified issues like access to menstrual/hygiene products, litter in neighborhoods, animal abuse and neglect, bullying, LGBTQ+ injustice, and others.

Girls Group staff helped them think of ways they could address these problems. Participants at different schools created dog toys for local animal shelters, hygiene kits, wrote inspirational notes for their schools, and identified other community service activities.

Participants enjoyed working together to tie felt blankets and toys to donate to animal shelters. There are many animal lovers among Girls Group participants and each year this community service project is always popular, meaningful, and fun!

At Girls Group, community service is an important part of what we do! It builds confidence in youth, encourages reflection, and provides hands-on learning opportunities.