high school seniors 2021

Girls Group’s Senior Graduation Celebration

Milestones create foundations for future success, and for thirty-one Girls Group participants, this past June marked one of the most significant milestones of their lives: high school graduation. Girls Group staff were thrilled to celebrate the momentous occasion with the graduates and their families. As one might expect by now from any Girls Group celebration, the event included personalized gifts for each graduate, lots of food, and plenty of laughter.

Staff had the opportunity to sit down and eat dinner with the graduates and their loved ones. “There is something so powerful about sharing a meal with our students and their support systems,” one staff member shared. “We already had a pretty good idea about some of the barriers the students overcame this past year, but it is really cool hearing about their accomplishments from their loved one’s perspectives.” The graduates also got the chance to share memories, reflect on their accomplishments, and talk about their future plans with their mentors.

A particularly memorable section of the event came near the end when Girls Group’s College and Career Prep Staff, Sydney Morgan-Green, took the time to formally recognize the graduates. “We truly are a family at Girls Group” she began, “and many of us have supported our graduating seniors along their paths for years now.” What followed was a series of speeches delivered to each individual graduate. Girls Group staff took turns recognizing each student and sharing words of encouragement and love. Even though every speech was unique, one message kept resurfacing: “We love you, and we are so incredibly proud of you.”