Participants sitting around craft table

Girls Group Spring Break Adventures!

April 2024

Spring break camps and trips can cost hundreds of dollars, making them difficult to afford for low-income families. Because of this, every year, Girls Group offers a free, fun-packed Spring Break experience for participants to enjoy, learn, and grow!

During Girls Group’s Spring Break Job Readiness Program, participants were able to learn about what goes into applying for a job: resumes, outfits, and professional language. They learned what does and does not go on a resume, what clothes to wear in different work/professional settings, got headshots taken, and learned about “elevator pitches.”  When asked about their favorite part of the program, participants shared, “I love the resources that we can have access to,” and “I love Girls Group, I just got my headshot taken!”

Girls Group is full of young leaders who are eager to support their younger peers. During our Trust Days Workshop, high school participants mentored middle school participants by building relationships with them and sharing about the transition between middle and high school.

At Finding Your Voice, participants explored their creativity in different ways. One of participant’s favorite activities was making logos on tote bags that represented them and their personalities. 

Finally, at Girls Group’s Mind, Body, & Soul, participants explored holistic health and wellness. One of the best moments happened when participants learned a three-part dance routine. “I want to learn all of the new dance moves and it felt good to learn a new challenge that was fun,” one participant explained.