Girls Group Participants Tour Michigan State

This month, Girls Group’s College and Career Tour program made a trip out to Michigan State University (MSU) for participants to experience a piece of campus. Despite the heat, participants were full of energy and smiles as they made the long trek across MSU’s notoriously large campus.

As they hiked, participants got to see dorms, libraries, classrooms, and potential future study spots. The tour took them to a towering sculpture of MSU’s mascot, past the massive football stadium, along the peaceful Red Cedar River, through MSU’s beautiful botanical garden and under its famous bell tower. As the group walked, a former MSU student told the students interesting facts about the structures they passed and answered questions about cost, student life, campus food, and more.

One of the highlights of the tour came near the end when the group finally landed at Georgio’s Pizza, a favorite restaurant amongst MSU students. As participants happily ate the locally famous pizza, they debriefed the tour and discussed the pros and cons of attending such a large campus. Several participants agreed that the tour made large campuses seem a little less intimidating. Girls Group staff are always happy when they can help make the college transition feel more manageable!