Group of participants in a kitchen with ingredients

Cooking Around the World

March 2024

Making homemade meals isn’t just a vital life skill, it’s also a fun way to learn about other cultures, unleash creativity, save money, and bond with others. Whether you’re whipping up a quick sandwich or planning a lavish five-course dinner, cooking always adds some spice to life!

This month, Girls Group participants and their families were invited to join Girls Group staff for a multicultural cooking workshop. Before cooking, participants enjoyed learning about the cultural significance of dishes they were about to create, which included Sinangag Na Kanin (Filipino), Biscotti al Limone (Italian), and Agua Fresca (Mexican).

At first, participants were apprehensive about using equipment and kitchen gadgets they had never used before, but by the time they finished, they were full of energy and pride. “That was my first time successfully flipping an egg,” one participant shared, “I really enjoyed today!”