2022 Graduation

Celebrating the Class of 2022!

June 2022

Graduation season is here and we could not be more proud of this year’s graduates!

At this year’s annual Graduation Celebration, staff spent quality time eating, talking, and playing games with graduates and their families. Following the games and meal was a formal program where each participant was recognized and celebrated for her accomplishments.

“We are so proud of all you have accomplished over your time spent at Girls Group,” College and Career Prep staff, Sydney Morgan Green explained. “We are honored to have been a part of your middle and high school journeys and we look forward to witnessing your growth as you move from this milestone to the next. As you step into the next chapter of your life, know that we are in your corner cheering you on!”

Twenty three scholarships were awarded during the program, including thirteen financial scholarships and ten laptop scholarships.

At the end of the event, participants were officially welcomed to Girls Group’s Women of Purpose Alumni program, which aims to continue to support the development and growth of essential life skills necessary to successfully navigate their individual college and career journeys.