A Note From the Leadership Team

December 2021

Dear Girls Group Supporters,

For many participants, school is a safe place that provides structure and security, basic needs, human connection, and opportunities to learn and expand possibilities. However, the long held sense of safety and security found in the school environment has been shaken again by the tragic shooting at Oxford High School.

To the community of Oxford that has been forever changed, we share our deepest condolences and support. 

In the wake of this heartbreaking event, Girls Group has been working intentionally to help students recover from the ripple effect of fear, process their difficult questions, and refocus on their educational priorities. We’ve held space for participants to express their feelings of confusion, anxiety, and at times numbness in response to what has happened to their peers in Oxford. We’ve been there to listen and process the hard questions like “Why would someone do this? How can I go back to school? Am I safe?”

It is a sad reality that gun violence impacts our schools far too often. This generation of students has only ever lived in a world with mass school shootings, regular active shooter drills, and around the clock locked school doors. And although they’ve faced unimaginable obstacles, this generation of students continue to rise above and envision a brighter future. 

With your support Girls Group continues to be a safe space to support, partner with, process, uplift, and empower young women through it all.

With much gratitude,
Girl Group Leadership