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Girls Group empowers young women in middle school and high school to achieve emotional and economic self-sufficiency by graduating from high school and becoming first-generation college graduates. Girls Group provides year round programming and mentoring to develop character, leadership, self-confidence, and social consciousness, including the desire and ability to mentor others.


Girls Group mentors and participants create a positive, affirming atmosphere where young women work towards their goals of achievement and economic independence. Girls Group helps young women to find their voice, define their goals and dreams, and establish support networks to move forward in the world with pride and self-confidence. Girls Group provides daily support to the young women as they finish high school, avoid drug and alcohol abuse, delay pregnancy, and build safe and healthy relationships.

Girls Group Participants

Girls Group serves 140 middle school and 150 high school students. Girls Group also serves 110 high school graduates, who are first-generation college students and/or are on their journey to economic and emotional self-sufficiency. Girls Group participants are committed to graduating from high school, not fighting in school, delaying pregnancy, and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Girls Group participants plan for college by attending college tours, working on applications and essays with Girls Group mentors, and improving their academic performance.


Girls Group is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service.

Annual financials on Form 990 may be viewed via Guidestar or are available upon request.

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