I enjoy Girls Group because they inspire, motivate and help me become the young woman I hope to be.
I didn’t know what a GPA was before Girls Group. Now I have a 3.9 and am setting my sights on the University of Michigan.
I really enjoy Girls Group because I get to experience new places and trying new foods while meeting with my mentor.
Before Girls Group, I had a 2.3 GPA. I graduated from high school with a 3.8, obtained my BA from Tuskegee and my MSW from UM. Girls Group has really helped mold me into the woman I am today!

High School Fundraising Challenge!

Debbie & Mike Tirico and Tim & Sally Petersen invite you to an evening of food, fun, and competitive fundraising. Join your favorite Ann Arbor high school team and make a donation to support Girls Group. The winning team takes control of the coveted Girls Group fundraising trophy!

Take the high school fundraising challenge!

Yatesha Robinson accepts the Congressional Record on behalf of Girls Group

The Congressional Record honored the 13 years that Girls Group has been serving the community. As indicated in part of the congressional Record: “The growth and success of Girls Group is a testament to Ms. Schooner’s hard work and dedication to the organization. Through the work of Girls Group staff and volunteers, hundreds of young women have been empowered to pursue their dreams. The group has also played a pivotal role in helping the girls’ emotional and life skills development, and the record of success in improving these girls’ lives speaks to the impact that Girls Group has had. The organization and staff continue to inspire, and it is my hope that the organization continues to be a positive force in the community in the years ahead.”

Ann Arbor Pioneer High School student Nina Ghalib talks about her Girls Group experience with Ann Arbor Family Press. Learn where Nina finds her strength and inspiration.

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