Volunteer Profile

Pat Shure

I remember what I thought years ago when Sue first told me about Girls Group, and it was, “Here’s something I really want to do.”

I was sure it was a good fit for me because I had spent the previous 23 years teaching intensive math classes at the University of Michigan and directing the Math Department’s Freshman-Sophomore program. So I knew that many of my students’ struggles with college math could have been prevented if they had only been encouraged from the beginning to see the “big picture” instead of thinking of math as an endless list of unrelated mechanical procedures.

There is no doubt that working with high school and middle school girls is a great opportunity for me. It’s amazing to see the girls develop the confidence to dig in and work as hard as they possibly can. And, there’s always that great moment when one of the girls looks up and says “Really, you mean that’s all there is to it. Sure, I can do that. It’s easy.”

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