La'Nia Wells

La’Nia Wells

  • High School: Skyline High School (10th Grade)

Starting a new school can be difficult for anyone, but especially starting at a new middle school. In 2018, La’Nia was just starting her 7th grade year. She decided to join Girls Group to meet new people and learn new things. Since joining, La’Nia has been an active participant in almost every program Girls Group offers, with nearly perfect attendance. Her Girls Group site leader, Kayla, says, “I have loved watching La’Nia grow over the past three years that I’ve known her—she is such a motivated, reflective, kind person and a natural born leader. It has been great having her contribute to our programs.” La’Nia participated in weekly programming and summer opportunities before the pandemic, now attends virtual groups, and consistently utilizes individual mentoring. Mentor Sam says, “In the very short time that I have met LaNia, I have been so impressed by her. She really uses Girls Group to her advantage and engages in the mentoring process not only by participating in the activities we have planned but also by leading the conversations, asking questions that she is curious about in relation to the topic and connecting it to her own interests.”

Girls Group has pushed La’Nia to succeed academically and has helped her imagine her future. She loved visiting MSU on a field trip because she was able to see what a college campus was really like, including picking out classes and attending them. She has learned that there are so many options for colleges, and that grades are not necessarily the most important thing. La’Nia also likes the community Girls Group offers and said, “I know I won’t be judged, and I know a lot of people feel the same way I do about certain things.” La’Nia is passionate about achieving her goals and wants to go to an HBCU, specifically Howard university, to study law.