Peggy Holtzman

Peggy Holtzman, LMSW

Social Work Supervisor (Contract)


After a few years as a teacher of high school Spanish and then working in juvenile court services, I spent the last 38 years attending social work school and then, through various positions, training for and becoming a trauma therapist. For the last 12 years, 12 of those years I went into a private practice. It was there that I heard of Girls Group. I am passionate about the amazing mentorship work of this organization and became a field instructor for the U-M School of Social Work, supporting the agency by supervising their interns and now supervising the staff social workers. They say the last phase of life is generativity vs. stagnation. This connection with Girls Group is profoundly satisfying in being able to give back, and continue to learn what’s new in the field and with the ever-evolving agency!