Middle School Fall 2021

Middle Schoolers Join Programs

November 2021

Girls Group’s weekly in-school programming is back in full-swing and we couldn’t be any happier! This month, programs kicked off at twenty different locations, fifteen of which are middle school sites. The first few programs were wildly successful with tons of interest and excitement from the middle schoolers and their families.

During their first month getting to know each other, the groups focused on fostering a sense of community and building new friendships. The participants learned about Girls Group’s Fist of Five, a foundational set of community ground rules and norms that they all agreed upon, then had the opportunity to build upon with their own ideas. Participants across programs held discussions about the importance of confidentiality, trust, and open-mindedness within their groups, and promised to always show respect, encouragement, and acceptance for each other.

Once the expectations were established, it was time to start having fun and building trust through games, activities, and discussions. After just a few sessions together, participants already reported they “look forward to Girls Group all week,” and “wish Girls Group happened every day.” As one participant explained, “I am glad I tried Girls Group, even though I was nervous at first, because it is actually full of really fun things to do and everyone is super nice.” Staff look forward to getting to know these participants throughout the rest of their middle school, high school, and college or career journeys.